Step 1. Target macronutrients

Input your patient's estimated macronutrient requirements

Volume (ml)
Total energy (kcal)
Non-protein energy (kcal)
Nitrogen (g)*
Amino acids (g)*

Step 2. Priority macronutrient

Tick one priority macronutrient value: volume, total energy, non-protein energy, or nitrogen

Total energy
Non-protein energy

Step 3. Result

The tool is designed to search the Fresenius Kabi multi-chamber bag range and present the two closest product options (numerically) based on the priority macronutrient you selected. It will also display the full bag contents, next to your target macronutrients, for you to review and compare.

You can change your priority at any time to see other product options closest to your priority macronutrient selected.

Note: Due to the design of tool there are a small number of instances where there are more than two products closest numerically to the inputted data, but the tool only presents two product options. This is due to some bag sizes containing the same amount of total calories (ie Kabiven 8 and SmofKabiven Low Osmo Peripheral 8, and SmofKabiven Low Osmo Peripheral 10 and SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen 21) . Changing macronutrient priority may be helpful in this scenario to identify alternative product options.