As an established PN formula, Kabiven offers a combination of nutrients to meet patients’ energy needs and general macronutrient requirements.1,2

For total PN, vitamins and trace elements should be administered to the patient in addition to the macronutrients delivered via multi-chamber bags.


Protein – Energy ratio: 1 gAA/27 kcal
Nitrogen – Non-protein kcal ratio: 1:148

Kabiven Peripheral

Protein – Energy ratio: 1 gAA/29 kcal
Nitrogen – Non-protein kcal ratio: 1:167

Figures are approximations calculated from the summaries of product characteristics.

Kabiven1 and Kabiven Peripheral2

Supply broad range of energy intakes depending on volume administered in relation to patient weight. See Summary of Product Characteristics for more information1,2

  • Designed to meet the needs of patients with high, moderately increased, basal or low nutritional requirements in adults where PN is indicated1,2

Beneficial nitrogen to non-protein energy ratio                                                                 

Nitrogen (g) - non-protein kcal ratio: 1:148

Kabiven Peripheral
Nitrogen (g) - non-protein kcal ratio: 1:167

  • General requirement for adult patients3
    25–35 kcal/kg/day total energy
    0.8–1.5 g protein (0.13–0.24 gN)/kg/day
    30–35 ml fluid/kg3

Established source of lipid

Kabiven contains Intralipid ® 20% (soya-bean oil),4 a well-established lipid emulsion, and has been delivered to patients since 19991,2

  • Intralipid has demonstrated comparable overall length of hospital stay, mortality rate and surgical complication rate compared with olive oil-based lipid5

Established range of products
Kabiven is an established range of products offering flexible administration, different volumes and osmolarity of 750 mosmol/l for Kabiven Peripheral products

  • Flexible administration that incorporates peripheral and central regimens

Kabiven is available in 3 sizes1

Kabiven Peripheral is available in 3 sizes2


  • Kabiven 8 gN, 1540 ml
  • Kabiven 11 gN, 2053 ml
  • Kabiven 14 gN, 2566 ml

Kabiven Peripheral

  • Kabiven Peripheral 5 gN, 1440 ml
  • Kabiven Peripheral 7 gN, 1920 ml
  • Kabiven Peripheral 9 gN, 2400 ml

gAA = grams amino acids; MCB = multi-chamber bag; N = nitrogen; PN = parenteral nutrition;

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk. Adverse events should also be reported to Fresenius Kabi Limited.
Email: Pharmacovigilance.GB@fresenius-kabi.com